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Car Emergency Kits

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Are you prepared to assist in a roadside emergency? Will you be ready with emergency roadside kits to help those in need in the critical minutes after an accident? Be ready order today and save!

While on the road, do you have the necessary car survival kits for a roadside emergency, with provisions, emergency food, water and shelter, to survive being stranded in the wilderness, or stranded in a winter storm for days? Get prepared today!

Protect Yourself From Road Hazards with a Car Emergency Kit

Car Survival Kit

A Necessity for Unforeseen Events on the Road

As you cruise effortlessly down the highway, possibly singing along with the radio, the benefits of a car emergency kit may be the farthest thing from your mind. But for many people, a routine drive can suddenly become a nightmare. At these times, it is impossible to overstate the importance of a properly-equipped car emergency kit.

The reality is that life-threatening emergencies can, and do, arise without warning. Motorists become stranded in the midst of sudden blizzards, inadvertently drive into rivers and canals, become trapped in rising floodwaters, and get into accidents, sometimes causing catastrophic injuries. Less serious -- but inconvenient and also potentially dangerous -- is a situation in which you are stranded somewhere by your car’s flat tire or dead battery. At, we want to help you prepare for these situations with our car emergency kits. Our motto is “Helping Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe,” and we take it seriously.

Having the Essentials Makes the Difference

Safety experts agree that every car should contain not only a roadside car emergency kit, but also a 72-hour survival package with items such as water, high-energy bars, first aid essentials, and a solar blanket. Our car emergency kits and survival packages -- tested, certified, and competitively priced -- can make all the difference in determining a positive outcome to your situation. Not only can these essentials help sustain life, but it is easier to stay calm, think clearly, and avoid panic when you know you are properly equipped.

Wide Variety of Car Emergency Kits Available

We sell a wide variety of car emergency kits, ranging from the Basic Commuter Kit to our Road Warrior Deluxe, with many selections in between. The Basic Commuter Kit, contained in a waterproof nylon bag, contains survival essentials such as a Dynamo Ready Light, whistle, first aid kit, auto emergency instructions, 25.5 oz of water, a 2400-calorie food bar, and a solar blanket. The Road Warrior Deluxe contains an assortment of car repair tools, including jumper cables, flat tire inflator and sealer, screwdriver, and wrench. It also features assorted high-visibility items, such as a revolving light, light sticks, and a neon safety vest, as well as personal survival items, including a body warmer, and a solar blanket. Emergency staples such as duct tape, flashlight, ice scraper, and a 54-item first aid kit are also included.

Check Out Our Accessories

If you have a basic car emergency kit but it lacks some key items, you can remedy this with our handy accessories. Among the products we offer:

  • 12V Mini Air Compressor 250 PSI – This convenient miniature air compressor can help you get back on the road after a flat tire. Equipped with a PSI gauge on the top and weighing a scant 1.25 lbs, this compressor runs off your car’s cigarette lighter.
  • Houdini Automotive Escape Tool -- No need to fumble and waste precious seconds; this life-saving tool attaches to your keychain, ready to be used instantly to free you and your passengers from an immersed car. The spring -loaded window breaker lets you shatter glass, while the seatbelt cutter rapidly slices through the fabric of seatbelts. The tool also features a safety whistle audible up to a quarter a mile away and a 5-lumen LED flashlight.
  • EZ Flare Emergency Warning Light – This signal can be seen for a mile away from air or land. A shifting LED light at the edge of the unit helps to attract attention, telling other drivers to steer clear and helping to direct rescuers to the scene. The light runs on 4 AA batteries.
  • Battery Jumper Cables -- This staple of every car emergency kit features sturdy 10-gauge booster cables and high-quality clips, yet weighs only 2.5 lbs. makes it easy for you to be prepared for survival. We provide a complete line of certified and tested emergency roadside kits, emergency road kits, and car survival kits . We will help you plan ahead and get prepared, so that when disaster strikes you will have the zombie survival bag, loud whistles, crank solar radios,  and virtually everything you may need in an emergency, all at very competitive prices. Take action today and order your kits. Order today and save!

Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you at a moments notice. Remember that our emergency roadside kits, emergency road kits, car survival kits make great Birthday and Holiday gifts! And all of our emergency roadside kits, emergency road kits, car survival kits come with a money back guarantee. No more excuses are you ready?

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