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Radio Walkie Talkie

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Are you prepared for the next natural disaster? In the event of an earthquake, flood, tornado or hurricane, would you and your family have access to radio walkie talkies,  or a loud whistles to help rescue workers locate you in a collapsed building on the road or in the woods? Do you have walkie talkies for kids, with simple controls a small child could operate in case of an emergency? Don't get caught empty handed order today!

Simple communication equipment can help save lives, but only if you plan ahead and take action today. makes it easy for you to prepare your family for survival. We provide a complete line of certified and tested radio walkie talkie, walkie talkies for kids, and loud whistles for your auto, home and workplace. We will help you plan ahead and get prepared, so that when disaster strikes you will be ready.

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5-in-1 Survival Whistle5-in-1 Survival Whistle
7-in-1 Survival Whistle7-in-1 Survival Whistle
AM / FM All Weather Alert Weather RadioAM / FM All Weather Alert Weather Radio
AM FM Weather Band Radio /AlarmAM FM Weather Band Radio /Alarm
AM/FM Radio w/Battery & LightAM/FM Radio w/Battery & Light
AM/FM Transistor Radio w/SpeakerAM/FM Transistor Radio w/Speaker
Bull Horn - 10 Watt (300 Yard Range)Bull Horn - 10 Watt (300 Yard Range)
Bull Horn - 16 Watt (600 Yard Range)Bull Horn - 16 Watt (600 Yard Range)
Bull Horn - 25 Watt with Detachable Microphone (1000 Yard Range)Bull Horn - 25 Watt with Detachable Microphone (1000 Yard Range)
Bull Horn - 3 Watt (100 Yard Range)Bull Horn - 3 Watt (100 Yard Range)
C88-SH Sound Horn 911C88-SH Sound Horn 911
Commander Walkie TalkieCommander Walkie Talkie
Floating WhistleFloating Whistle
Metal Whistle with Lanyard(10 pack)Metal Whistle with Lanyard(10 pack)
Midland Walkie TalkiesMidland Walkie Talkies
Mighty Mega Mite Megaphone with SirenMighty Mega Mite Megaphone with Siren
Plastic Whistle with LanyardPlastic Whistle with Lanyard
Pocket CompassPocket Compass
Solar, Dynamo Voyager Trek Radio FlashlightSolar, Dynamo Voyager Trek Radio Flashlight

Walkie Talkies for is your survival gear expert and survival partner. Here you will find everything you need the radio walkie talkies, walkie talkies for kids, and loud whistles.  Take action today to protect you loved ones, and be ready when disaster strikes. These loud whistles can be heard up to a mile away! We also carry emergency food, water storage containers, bug out bags and first aid kits. We price all our products very competitive and take pride in our customer service.

Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you at a moments notice. Remember that our radio walkie talkies, walkie talkies for Kids, and loud whistles make great Birthday and Holiday gifts! And all of our radio walkie talkies, walkie talkies for kids, and loud whistles come with a money back guarantee. Order today and save!

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