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Emergency Roadside Kit is Houdini in Yours?


Harry Houdini was a fascinating person. A Hungarian-born American magician and escapologist, he became a household word due to his sensational escape acts.  When I was a boy, I was fascinated with Houdini and got into several scrapes because of trying to emulate him!


Now, however, those boyhood adventures have taken on new meaning.  Every year, six million people are trapped in their cars for one reason or another.  Since most are not trained as Houdini was, this is a very frightening statistic.  Some, I’m sure, escaped without injury, but others did not.


What would you do if your car suddenly plunged into icy water and the pressure of the water prevented you from opening your car door?  What if you were in an accident, your seatbelts jammed and you were unable to exit your car?  Do you have your car survival kit?


In my not-so-humble opinion, every car should carry an emergency roadside kit or car survival kit containing my favorite tool, the Houdini Pro Rescue Tool.  This is an amazing small tool that incorporates the following:



* Window breaker * a spring loaded tempered glass punch which would allow one to safely exit the vehicle.    

* Seatbelt cutter * to allow you to quickly cut through your seatbelt, even if you were upside down.

* Safety whistle * signals for help up to ¼ mile away. Remember, three of anything is a distress signal.

* LED flashlight * which will light your way for about ten hours of run time.



Besides the Houdini Pro-Rescue tool, there are other items that one should consider for your emergency roadside kit.  For example, a tri-fold shovel may come in handy. Additionally handy would be 12 hour lights sticks, jumper cables, something with which to fix a flat tire, a tow rope, a utility knife or multi-faceted pocket tool, or a revolving signal light that can plug into your cigarette lighter.  The latter has a magnetic base which will allow it to attach to the roof of your car and can be seen from at least one mile away. Where you keep your car survival kit is up to you but please get one or two. You can put your Houdini on your key chain, or in your glove box there are several types.


It’s a simple matter to either buy a ready-made car survival kit or to create an emergency roadside kit.  It takes only a few minutes, some cash, and most of all, the determination to be prepared for emergencies.  You never know when your emergency roadside kit could make a big difference in your life perhaps even save it. With an emergency roadside kit you may even help a stranger.


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