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Survival Cave 360  Bundles 1080 Servings
Survival Cave 360  Bundles 1080 Servings
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Freeze dried food

Emergency survival food

Freeze dried food long-lasting food storage by Survival Cave Food. 1080 serving delivers 2,000 calorie consumption a day for 1 individual for 3 months! Survivalcavefood freeze dried emergency food storage foods are an ideal selection for your food storage program! Every meal range will come in pouches that are resealable so you only need to remove the quantity of servings you would like and hang onto the rest for later. Survivalcavefood gives great tasting meals that are affordable and healthy for your loved ones, with 1/3 less salt in each helping than many others.

Some key features of Survival Cave Food freeze dried food products:

•             Freeze dried meals which will last for 20 years!

•             Light weight and stackable for convenient storage

•             Great tasting gourmet meals

•             Zip lock re-sealable bags maintain freeze dried food freshness

•             Delicious emergency food dishes ready within minutes

•             Just add water to the freeze dried food to get a instant emergency meal

•             Freeze dried emergency food your whole family will love

This lightweight freeze dried food is supplied in conveniently storable buckets providing Two thousand calories a day for 90 days or 1000 calories a day for 180 days. All freeze dried meal is packed to remain fresh for 20 years. Every bag of freeze dried emergency food includes a re-sealable zip lock which allows you to enjoy the portions you want and then you simply reseal the pouch for future use. Food prices continue to increase with no end in sight and this freeze dried food container will be your answer to safeguard your loved ones and save money on emergency food storage.

Are you prepared for emergencies? Do you have a sensible Food Storage Plan? Could there be food shortages that freeze dried food could help with? Are you currently paying too much to stock up on emergency foods you know you need?

This bucket contains the following 19 flavorful gourmet freeze dried meals, desserts and beverages:

•             All Natural Delicious Granola (10 helpings per bag) 6 pouches

•             Fruity Apple Blueberry Granola (10 servings in each pouch) 6 pouches

•             Wholesome Filling Oatmeal (10 servings in each pouch) 6 pouches

•             Fluffy Scrambled Eggs (10 servings per pouch) 6 bags

•             Creamy Chocolate Pudding (Ten servings per bag) 6 bags

•             Mixed Fruit (5 servings per pouch) Six pouches

•             Italian Style Polenta (10 helpings in each bag) 6 pouches

•             Beef Flavored Vegetable Soup (Ten portions per bag) Six pouches

•             Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli Soup (10 servings in each bag) 6 pouches

•             Refreshing Orange Drink (10 portions per bag) 6 pouches

•             Home Style Creamy Mashed Potatoes (Ten servings per pouch) Six bags

•             Chicken Flavored Vegetable Soup (Ten portions per bag) Six bags

•             Elbow Macaroni and Cheese (10 servings in each pouch) 6 pouches

•             Southwestern Chili (10 portions per pouch) Six pouches

•             Hearty Potato Soup (10 helpings in each pouch) 6 pouches

•             Mixed Vegetables (5 helpings per pouch) 6 pouches

•             Cajun Red Beans and Rice (Ten portions per bag) 6 pouches

•             Satisfying Whey Milk (Ten helpings per bag) Six pouches

•             Chocolaty Whey Milk (10 servings per bag) Six pouches

Order now and be prepared for the unexpected.

Order today and keep your loved ones safe from the unknown. When an emergency strikes – IT’S TOO LATE TO PREPARE!
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